The use of Models in PMRI

Mathematics learning activities cannot simply rely on reception, imitation and memorization. Instead, it should be a process that is animating, lively, autonomous and filled with individual characters.

According to Freudenthal, mathematics must be base on reality, stay close to children and be relevant to society, in order to be of human value.

For easy to understood by student the teacher must to give the example in the teaching and learning from the material around of our society. For example, teachers use a meter of rope and divide it into 12 parts for teaching geometry. Look at the picture below

segitiga siku-siku segi empat sama sisi segitiga sama sisi

A right triangle

A square

A equilateral triangle

persegi panjang segitiga sama kaki

A rectanguler

The model of rope can be used to make a square, a rectangular, a equilateral triangle, a Scalene triangle , or a right triangle. Students can make their own figure by using the model. They create what they want, their own rectangular, square and triangles, and, of course, teachers guide them to find the meaning of their activity.


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Contoh Rencana Pembelajaran Kelas 2 SD

Dalam proses belajar dan mengajar mata pelajaran matematika, guru sering merasa kesulitan untuk mengembangkan Rencana Pembelajaran yang akan dibuat berkaitan dengan materi tertentu. Berikut ini adalah salah satu contoh Rencana Pembelajaran mengenai materi “Bilangan ganjil dan genap” di kelas 2 Sekolah Dasar dan Madrasah Ibtidaiyah semester 1. Rencana pembelajaran(doc.175KB)

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School Name                          : MIN-2 Palembang

School Status                         : Public school

Address : Jln. Inspektur Marzuki Km. 4,5 Komplek MAN-3 Pakjo

City                                                : Palembang

Phone Number                      : (0711) 410209

Headmaster                             : H. Ahmad, S.Pd, MM

The number of Teacher  : 31 teachers

School Condition

(Building, Classroom, facility, etc): Average, in the renovation process

Grades and Students                        :

Grade 1: 3 Classroom, 105 Students

Grade 2: 3 Classroom, 95 Students

Grade 3: 2 Classroom, 69 Students

Grade 4: 2 Classroom, 53 Students

Grade 5: 1 Classroom, 37 Students

Grade 6: 1 Classroom, 29 Students

Total of Student: 388 Students

PMRI Classes:

Grade 1: 3 Classroom, 105 Students, since July 2007.

The teacher is Mrs. Risnaini, S.PdI

Grade 2: 3 Classroom, 95 Students, since July 2007.

The teacher is Mrs. Nurhastin, S.PdI


The Source of information was obtained from two teachers, they are Mrs. Risnaini, S.PdI and Mrs. Nurhastin, S.PdI


–          To know the study results of the students in MIN 2 for mathematics with PMRI.

–          To know the students activity for mathematics with PMRI



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